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Posted: 12/6/2019

Physiotherapist - Children's Services (School Age Disability Team) Basic Grade

  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Full time
  • Not Disclosed
  • 1 to 2 Years Experience




CHILDREN’S SERVICES – School Aged Disability Team (SADT)


Reference No. Ref: PHYSIO /DUB/19191

The successful Physiotherapist candidate will work within a team who are committed to working in partnership with families of children and young people with disabilities and/or developmental delay to minimise the impact of disability and maximise opportunities for growth and development. The successful candidate may be required to work across the Daughters of Charity Dublin North West children’s disability network teams, once reconfigured under the Progressing Disability Children’s Services programme.

Along with the ability to carry out all duties detailed in the job description, applicants must have:

  • Recognised professional qualification in Physiotherapy / CORU - Essential
  • Full Clean Drivers Licence – Essential
  • Curriculum Vitae and Cover Letter - Essential

All applicants must:

  • Hold a recognised professional qualification in physiotherapy
  • Provide proof of CORU Physiotherapy registration.
  • Must be eligible to work in the Republic of Ireland
  • Have experience working as a physiotherapist in paediatric disability
  • Possess Full clean driving license with use of a car

Desirable Knowledge and Skills:

  • Experience working as a physiotherapist in paediatric disability for at least 6 – 12 months
  • Experience in 24 hour postural management of children with complex needs
  • Experience in Orthotic prescription and management
  • Experience in the areas of intellectual disability, Autism and other complex developmental needs

Applicants should possess Level 1 behavioural competencies of DOCDSS competency, which may be found attached to the Job Description 

The successful candidate will have excellent communication, interpersonal and teamwork skills, together with effective caseload management skills. In addition they must possess good planning and organisational skills, together with effective problem solving and time management skills.  

A panel will be created from Interview for any future Basic Physiotherapist positions and successful candidates will remain on this panel for a period of 6 months.

Informal enquiries to: Melinda McCabe, Physiotherapist Manager, Tel No. 01 824 5453

*We are unable to shortlist applications unless the following is submitted by all candidates, including internal staff:

  • Curriculum Vitae and Cover Letter,
  • along with a copy of CORU Registration and relevant qualifications in one PDF Document

Closing date for receipt of applications @ 12 noon on 3rd July 2019

Daughters of Charity Disability Support Services is an equal opportunities employer



RESPONSIBLE TO: OPERATIONALLY:   Manager / Co-Ordinator –  Children’s Disability Service 

CLINICAL SUPERVISORY: Head of Department  



  • Examine and diagnose the clients physical condition, drawing up and implementing treatment programmes as appropriate to the professional standards of a physiotherapist. 
  • Monitor and assess the clients progress and make adjustments as necessary to the treatment programmes. 
  • Maintain comprehensive records of clients assessment, interventions carried out, communications relating to clients etc. 
  • Maintain detailed records and submit reports or other statistical information relating to physiotherapy or clients as may be required. 
  • Participate in quality assurance as may be required to ensure quality service provision. 
  • Liaise with other disciplines in relation to the clients physiotherapy needs. 
  • Provide on-going support, information and assistance to employees carrying out physiotherapy recommendations with clients. 
  • Liaise with parents, assisting and advising them on physiotherapy programmes which are to be undertaken with their children. 
  • Advise on footwear and appliances which are most suitable for clients where appropriate.  
  • Advise, seek competitive quotations and order equipment and special appliances as may be required and approved from time to time. 
  • Strive to improve the mobility of the client and ensuring that each person has every opportunity to achieve his/her full physical potential. 
  • Work as part of the multi-disciplinary team and participate in client reviews as required. 
  • Treating the client after injury or surgery and if necessary liaising with employees from other agencies or hospitals. 
  • Assessment and treatment of clients with respiratory needs, as appropriate.  
  • Participate and be involved in the student nurse education process as may be required. 
  • Participate in in-service training as may be required. 
  • Monitoring and keeping up to date with new developments in the area of physiotherapy. 
  • Participate in Service Annual Performance Review System. 
  • Ensure that each person with an intellectual disability is treated with the utmost respect and dignity. 
  • Be aware of and follow all Service and departmental policies and procedures.  
  • Ensure that the health and safety policy of the Service is fully complied with. 
  • Reporting any accidents and complaints immediately and provide follow up forms and information as may be required. 
  • Ensure that all equipment is checked on a regular basis and if defective reported immediately to the Head of the Department for repair.  
  • Maintain good working relationships with colleagues. 
  • Maintain a high standard of work performance, attendance, appearance and punctuality at all times. 
  • Ensure that the highest standards of confidentiality are maintained in relation to all areas of work at all times. 
  • Any other duties as may be required from time to time. 

The above job description is not intended to be a comprehensive list of duties and responsibilities and consequently the post holder may be required to perform other duties as appropriate to the post which may be assigned to him/her from time to time and to contribute to the development of the post when in office. This job description may change in line with the changing needs and objectives of the Daughters of Charity Disability Support Services.

Core Competencies 

Quality Service

  • Adopts a person centered approach and supports service users with empathy, compassion and respect.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to achieving a high standard result.
  • Is flexible and adaptable to meet unanticipated demands.
  • Complies with organisational policies and procedures at all times.
  • Understands, demonstrates and respects the rights of all service users and families

Planning & Organising 

  • Demonstrates the ability to plan and deliver the duties of the role in an effective and resourceful manner within a model of person centered care.
  • Adopts a systematic approach to planning, organising and managing workload.
  • Able to multi task without losing focus.
  • Manages competing and changing priorities effectively.
  • Demonstrates a flexible and adaptable approach in a changing environment.
  • Deals with issues in a timely manner.
  • Demonstrates a high level of attention to detail


  • Approaches all tasks in a confident manner.
  • Shows pride in one’s profession.
  • Demonstrates honesty and integrity: holds a strong code of ethics.
  • Maintains appropriate and professional boundaries.
  • Manages personal problems to minimise impact on work or professional relationships
  • Respects confidentiality and discretion in all work related matters.
  • Pays attention to dress code and professional appearance.
  • Shows an enthusiastic and committed attitude to ones work.
  • Understands scope of practice.
  • Understands the need to apply service and/or professional standards, policies and procedures
  • Demonstrates self-belief in own potential and ability.

Continuous Learning & Development 

  • Shows enthusiasm and motivation for work.
  • Willing to use opportunities to improve, learn and develop self.
  • Regularly participates in on the job learning.
  • Stays current in own field of expertise.
  • Is open to constructive feedback, acknowledges own limitations.
  • Understands role and boundaries of other disciplines.
  • Initiates and undertakes mandatory training.
  • Takes responsibility to ensure learning and understanding of new ideas and procedures.
  • Self evaluates own performance to continuously improve personal development.

Organisational Knowledge 

  • Understands the mission and core values of Daughter of Charity Disability Support Services.
  • Is aware of the multiple services provided by the Daughters of Charity.
  • Familiar with professional bodies.
  • Is knowledgeable of regulations and where relevant applies practice in accordance with legislation to area of work.
  • Has the skill set to access computer systems and ability to learn new IT system’s
  • Knowledgeable of professional standards, policies and procedures relevant to discipline.
  • Understands how own scope of practice fits with the organisation.

Innovation & Creativity 

  • Demonstrates a can do attitude.
  • Generates new ideas.
  • Shows enthusiasm for trying new ways of doing things.
  • Voluntarily puts forward suggestions for improvements.
  • Promotes improvement ideas to colleagues.
  • Takes a creative approach to work by exploring a range of options whilst keeping an open mind.
  • Effectively applies existing practices or processes to new work situations to benefit the service and service users.
  • Takes appropriate action to address inefficiencies in work processes and establishes improved ways of getting the job done

Leadership Potential  

  • Successfully modifies behaviour to embrace change.
  • Energetic and Inspires others through own positive attitude.
  • Creates trust by being honest, reliable and consistent.
  • Can be directive without being dictatorial.
  • Blends a focus on results with a caring and sensitivity for individuals.
  • Demonstrates the ability to be flexible in relation to hours of work and roles and responsibilities.
  • Responds positively to new demands and requirements.

Problem Solving & Decision Making 

  • Makes timely, intuitive decisions to achieve successful outcome.
  • Identifies and uses appropriate sources of information when making decisions.
  • Supports views with sound logic reasoning.
  • Reasons systematically and logically through issues.
  • Demonstrates common sense when dealing with every day issues that arise.
  • Knows when to ask for help and guidance from supervisor and/or colleagues

Team work 

  • Contributes consistently and positively to team activities.
  • Projects a warm and appropriate professional demeanour at all times.
  • Is accepting of diverse values and beliefs.
  • Helps others: willing to take on different tasks/roles accordingly to the needs of the team.
  • Expresses views and professional opinion at team meetings.
  • Knows when and where to consult with other members of the team.
  • Is responsive to the needs of other team members: shows empathy.
  • Balances listening to others ideas with sharing own thoughts.
  • Considers how ones behaviour may impact others.
  • Has the knowledge and confidence to identify and personally manage own workplace disagreements locally at an early stage and knows when to seek support of management.

Communication & Interpersonal Skills 

  • Communicates openly and honestly.
  • Shows empathy when handling delicate or sensitive issues.
  • Shows patience when dealing with others.
  • Considers how ones behaviour may impact others.
  • Clearly and confidently articulates ideas and opinions and their underlying rationale.
  • Draws on a variety of communication methods to fit/situation circumstances.
  • Open listening: asking clarifying questions and makes eye contact.
  • Demonstrates positive body language.
  • Knows when to speak, what to talk about, with whom, when, and where.
  • Communicates effectively in English language, written and spoken, as appropriate to job requirements.
  • Numerate and Literate.

Daughters of Charity is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Daughters of Charity

Headquarters: Navan Road, Ashtown, Dublin 7, Ireland
Industry: Hospital & Health Care
Company Size: 1001 - 5.000 Employees
Founded In: 1892

The Daughters of Charity Disability Support Services provides supports to persons with an intellectual disability in the Dublin, Limerick and North Tipperary/Offaly areas. Each area is funded separately by the Health Service Executive (HSE) and operates autonomously in the daily delivery of services. The Chief Executive Officer and Executive Team manage the overall service with the help and support of regional and local managers in Dublin, Limerick and North Tipperary/Offaly Regions. 

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