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Posted: 11/2/2019

Clinical Nurse Manager 2 - Patient Flow Manager

  • Beaumont Hospital, Beaumont Rd, Beaumont, Dublin 9, Ireland
  • Full time
  • 49,056 - 57,995
    • Fluent English
  • 4 to 6 Years Experience


Post Title: Clinical Nurse Manager 2 - Patient Flow Manager

Post Status: Permanent

Department: Patient Flow

Location: Beaumont Hospital, Dublin 9

Reports to: Directorate Nurse Manager

Salary: Appointment will be made on CNM 2 Payscale (€49,056- €57,995) at a point in line with Government pay policy.

Hours of work: 39 Hours Per Week

Closing Date: 12 Noon on Monday 25th February 2019

Position Summary:

The Patient Flow Managers role is to coordinate the overall patient flow process effectively, minimising delays and supporting discharge. He/she will work with all departments, maximising patient throughput and utilisation of available hospital beds and also ensuring all beds available to the hospital in other facilities (off site) are utilised in the most efficient and effective manner. The Patient flow manager may be assigned duty of the management of complex discharge of patients through discharge pathways such as the Long term care process.

Key Tasks:

  1. To manage the split of urgent/emergency and scheduled care to effect the daily placement of unscheduled and scheduled admissions efficiently. To work with appropriate members of Interdisciplinary teams inclusive but not exhaustive of medical, health & social care professionals along with nursing staff to ensure flexible utilisation of beds in times of bed crises.
  2. To maintain an accurate and timely knowledge of bed availability using the “Visual Hospital” lean methodology. To ensure that beds are assigned for patient care in real time and in accordance with hospital policies.
  3. To co-ordinate & record real time information relating to all patients discharge status to ensure the most efficient utilisation of beds occurs & to ensure delays are identified, highlighted and resolved.
  4. To monitor bed occupancy and planned discharges, being responsible for patient allocation in core hours and identifying/highlighting beds for emergency admissions out of hours.
  5. To collaborate with management information systems in collating data on the frequency of peaks and troughs of bed usage etc. in order that the hospital management can be better informed and work towards more effective bed utilisation, planning of theatre lists and other services demands.
  6. Liaise closely with Consultants, Ward staff, Nursing & Hospital Management in relation to delayed discharges and length of stay analysis.
  7. Management of the discharge of all patients who are delayed in their discharge awaiting home care packages, long term care or other delays to ensure efficient flow throughout the hospital.
  8. Perform such other duties appropriate to the office that may be required from time to time.

Key Skills and Competencies


The Patient Flow Manager must have the ability to make decisions in a timely fashion with the best interest of all patients in mind using all their available information.


The Patient Flow Manager will have the ability to manage and co-ordinate the placement of patients into appropriate beds with maximal efficiency. He/she will have the understanding and foresight to predict and plan necessary bed movements to ensure the best possible care for patients at all times.


The Patient Flow Manager will have exemplary communication skills that will enable them to communicate clearly and effectively between the many disciplines that have a role in efficient bed management within the hospital. He/she will have the skill and judgement to use their communication skills to best effect in developing working relationships between all concerned. The patient flow manger will have the skills to communicate with patients and their families regarding processes and discharge plans.


The Patient Flow Manager will have the necessary skills and abilities to handle the sometimes conflicting agendas and competing demands that are integral to the efficient management of admissions and discharges within the hospital.


The Patient Flow Manager will have an understanding of the Irish health service and the effect of external forces upon the hospital in relation to admissions, discharges and length of stay, delayed discharges. He/she will understand the difficulties of working with limited resources and the reliance by the hospital on external funding sources for continued activity. He/She will be aware of the national policies and services available to support the coordination of patients discharge.


The Patient Flow Manager will understand the need for and the implementation of service planning and its effect on overall hospital activities.

  • The person will be dynamic, energetic and enthusiastic. They will have a keen desire to develop and maintain systems that promote maximum efficiency within the hospital adapting to constant change to improve the service. They will be willing to innovative and adapt to a variety of roles as part of a crisis management and they will have the skills to work together with others to preserve a team approach to the management of patient throughput in Beaumont Hospital. With appropriate training, they will be adaptable in the role with the ability to interchange in specific areas of the patient flow department as the service requires, working on hour by hour patient flow management and complex delayed discharges as the need arises.

The above Job Description is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all duties involved and consequently, the post holder may be required to perform other duties as appropriate to the post which may be assigned to him/her from time to time ensuring cross cover for other areas including operational patient flow and development of the Patient flow team.

Selection Criteria:

Selection criteria outline the qualifications, skills, knowledge and/or experience that the successful candidate would need to demonstrate for successful discharge of the responsibilities of the post.

Applications will be assessed on the basis of how well candidates satisfy these criteria.


  1. To be registered with An Bord Altranais in General Division of the Register.
  2. To have name maintained on Live Register with An Bord Altranais and submit evidence of same.
  3. Have at least 5 years post registration experience, 2 of which must be in the relevant area.
  4. Be aware of admission, transfer and discharge policies and procedures
  5. Possess working knowledge of computer systems, to include spread sheets and word processing.


  1. A management course is desirable.

Further Information for Candidates:

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Informal Enquiries ONLY to:

Name: Barbara Keogh-Dunne

Title: Head of Patient Flow

Email address:

Telephone: 01 8528463

Beaumont Hospital is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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