Digital CV Builder

Dont just say it...Show it

CV Builder

Stand out from the crowd and transform your lifeless paper CV in to your very own digital CV website.

Paper CV

Store up to five standard paper CVs and five cover letters. Choose from your CVs when applying for jobs

Detailed Reports

Get detailed reports on how your CV is performing including views, what pages and content is being viewed and where

Apply On The Go

By creating your digital CV and storing numerous paper CVs you can apply for any job on mobile, tablet or desktop

Rich Media

Add video and video introductions, images, portfolios, documents and more to your digital CV. Dont just say it

Use It Anywhere

Unlike other platforms you can use your digital CV outside of Rezoomo to apply for jobs on any platform, anywhere.

A More Immersive Job Hunting Experience

A More Immersive Job Hunting Experience

Sick of the old outdated job hunting experience? Us too....
Use our unique digital CV builder to transoform your paper CV in to your own digital website.

  • Digital CV builder
  • Add video introductions, Video Gallary, Images, Portfolio, Documents
  • Record examples of languages you speak
  • Store up to five paper CVs
  • Choose which CV you want to use when applying for roles
  • Apply for jobs on the go
  • Get detailed reports on your digital CV performance
A More Immersive Job Hunting Experience

Transform your lifeless paper CV in to a personalised digital website. Continuing to use a limited word doc CV is not going to impress. Employers want to see more from candidates and Rezoomo provides you with the nessessary tools to give you the best chance to secure your dream job. 

Our online CV builder and job seeker portal is like no other. Build a digital CV or store up to five word doc CVs, get detailed reports on your digital CV performance and much more.

Add rich media to your online profile to showcase your skills and experience. 

Add a video introduction, video gallery, image gallery, documents, portfolio, projects, reports and more. The paper CV limits your options to impress employers. 

Monitor how well your CV is performing using our detailed reports. See where in the world your CV is being viewed, how many times its been viewed and what information viewers are looking at.

Use your Rezoomo on any platform to apply for jobs. 

Unliek other platforms we do not limit your use of your digital CV to our platform. You can use your digital website as you wish. It works just a like normal website. Your URL / Link will be which you can send to anyone, anywhere. 

You can also password protect your CV so only people you give access to can view your CV.

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Our Story

Our story began in London in 2012. Founder Cathal Doorley was searching for a job in the competitive London jobs market but was frustrated with the limitations of the standard paper CV. After receiving limited response using this outdated CV format, Cathal decided to transform his lifeless paper CV in to his own CV website. He added a video introduction, reports and presentations showing previous work and success he had achieved in other positions. Within 10 days of sending out his new CV he had secured a job in an industry leading company in the heart of London. And so the idea for Rezoomo was born and has now transformed in to a unique new recruitment solution.


Rich Media

Adding media to your CV can have a massive impact on employers. Show successes in previous roles through presentations, reports, video and samples of work.


Employers want to know if you can actually speak the languages you list. Record a 60 second audio file of you speaking the language

Use Anywhere

Unlike other platforms you can use your Rezoomo CV outside our system to apply for any job on any other jobs board or website

Password Protect

Password protect your CV for use outside of Rezoomo. If you set a password for your CV employer who are not on Rezoomo will only be able to see your introduction page

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Our Team

We are always looking for amazing people to join our team.

Cathal Doorley

Cathal Doorley
Founder / CEO

Seamus Clinch

Seamus Clinch
Co-Founder / COO

Laurentiu Bocsan

Laurentiu Bocsan
Lead Developer

Joanne McDonagh

Joanne McDonagh

Stephen O'Carroll

Stephen O'Carroll


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