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Translation and Localization

Broad St, Waterford, Ireland

About Us

Based in Waterford City, Ubiqus Ireland is part of a Multinational translation and transcription company with headquarters in Paris, France.

Ubiqus provides professional event services to many of the world’s leading companies, as well as to smaller and medium-sized organisations. Our Irish operation principally provides transcription (for spoken events) and translation (for written documents) services for a very wide range of industries and clients. 

Our business in Ireland – based in Waterford – has grown steadily over the last 14 years. 

In the transcription market, we provide written transcripts of a wide variety of spoken meetings such as Business Conferences, HR Disciplinary Hearings, Conference Calls, Court Hearings and Legal Interviews. 

On the translation side of our business, we provide translations of documents from and into over 60 different languages, using a wide network of translators based all around the world, for industries as diverse as medical, legal, engineering, marketing, financial and more.


Headquarters: Broad St, Waterford, Ireland
Industry: Translation and Localization
Company Size: 501 -1.000 Employees
Founded In: 1991

Ubiqus, headquartered in Paris, France, is a global leader in language, transcription, and event services with market-leading divisions in the fields of translation, interpretation, transcription of audio and video, audience polling, audio recording, and event badges.