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STT Risk Management

Security and Investigations

Dublin 22, Dublin, Ireland

About Us

STT Risk Management provides fit for purpose services in the arena of corporate investigations, surveillance and security.

Many organisations today are exposed perhaps unknowingly and unnecessarily to risks, that could severely damage their business or indeed instigate closure. The potential risks could include fraud, theft, health & safety or litigation claims.

STT Risk Management assists companies to identify potential threats and to plan for unexpected events, that might lead to financial or reputational damage.

Our mission at STT Risk Management is to ensure our clients anticipate and prevent losses and achieve operational continuity in their everyday business. 

STT Risk Management

Headquarters: Dublin 22, Dublin, Ireland
Industry: Security and Investigations
Company Size: 51 - 200 Employees
Founded In: 1993

STT Risk Management is a wholly Irish-owned company established in 1993. STT, standing for ‘Special Task Team’, provides risk management and contingency planning services to businesses and public bodies, both in Ireland and internationally. Field operations conducted are multi faceted across land sea and air terrains and involve high levels of surveillance and investigative work.