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Kare Plan

Hospital & Health Care

146 Edenmore Avenue, Edenmore, Dublin, Ireland

About Us

With our fantastic team of carers and office support, you will never be disappointed. We are dedicated to providing the finest care for our clients which is why we ensure our carers are vetted, certified and fully trained in home care. Our Training School and specialist training courses are devised for our carers but we would also welcome families and family carers to join our courses and provide them with information and skills that will help them care for their loved ones too. We also ensure that the quality is always maintained with the assistance of our innovative telemonitoring system. This system allows us to monitor our carers attendance and status to ensure that care is continually provided. Communication is key in Kare Plan which is why our supervisors will also make planned visits to your home to ensure everything is running smoothly and update you on any changes to your care plan. Our call service is open from 8 am - 9:30 pm Monday to Sunday for our clients and carers to give you the peace of mind that no matter what, we will always be there to assist you or your family.

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Kare Plan
Kare Plan

Kare Plan

Headquarters: 146 Edenmore Avenue, Edenmore, Dublin, Ireland
Industry: Hospital & Health Care
Company Size: 201 - 500 Employees
Founded In: 2009

We at Kare Plan are strong believers that a disability does not mean inability and we ensure that your loved one will only be shown their abilities through our carers. As well as securing their privacy, they will be treated with kindness and be given assurance, respect and encouragement each day. Through us, they will always have a listening ear and be continuously assisted in becoming accustomed to any changes in their life as we promise to nurture their every need.